Sabor a Tierra

Living in harmony and communion with Mother Earth.

Ancestral Andean Wisdom Center Sabor a Tierra emerged in Agato (northern Ecuador) as an initiative of Oscar Santillan and his family, who received the Minkay (commission) from our grandparents to reintegrate people into a simple, healthy and reciprocal life with the Allpa Mama, but without losing balance with the new technologies of modernity. Thus, we seek to reach the Sumak Kawsay (existence in flatness).

Therefore, we are always happy to receive the visit of all those who want to accompany us in our journey. In our center, and with much pleasure, we teach about: ecological construction, healthy food and cooking, ritual healing music and musical instruments construction, as well as, ritual and millenary medicine. All this based on Andean ancestral wisdom, which was raised and treasured by our grandparents for millennia and we learned throughout our passage through the Kay Pacha (earthly existence).