About Us

We are an Otavalo family of the Kichwa Nation, who inherit the wisdom that our ancestors treasured within their oral tradition and the Mikay (legacy) of sharing it with the world. Ancestral Andean Wisdom is and has been a pillar of life for the world through thousands of years, since it has offered us many products that now feed humanity and a cosmovision friendly with deities and the environment. Unfortunately, this has been overshadowed by modern knowledge, so we believe that it is necessary to balance them and thus fulfill one of our prophecies: the day will come in the Condor (reference to the ancestral wisdom of the original people) and the eagle (allegory to modernity) will fly together in the same heaven. We believe that nourishing ourselves with the Ancestral Andean wisdom and being able to perceive the essence of Mother Earth and all her kindness will allow us to reach the Sumak Kawsay: harmonious and reciprocal life between humans and the Pacha Mama (mother cosmos).
Therefore, we invite all the people to visit us and learn about:

Ecological Construction

Seeking that all our space is developed in an environment in accordance with our philosophy of leading a harmonious life with Mother Nature, we built our facilities by ourselves using ancient Andean construction technologies. In these, mud and other organic materials from the area are used to build eco-homes or healthy houses that do not break the balance between the human being and the environment.

Rituality and Ancestral Medicine

We seek to retune the Runa (human being) with mother nature and the spirit world, getting people to heal in an integral way; thus, fiscal body and spiritual body are treating in the same measure and importance. We recover and exercise this knowledge because we believe that leading a balanced and healthy existence is essential for people to develop harmoniously during their stay in the Kay Pacha (earthly existence). This while we help to promote the respect and affection that the Andean indigenous peoples have for the Pacha Mama (mother cosmos).

Healthy Food and Cooking

Due to the imbalance that modern food industry is causing in human nutrition, we realized the need to bring together the wise people in charge of raising the Chakra (land space destined to the cultivation of healthy foods) and learn from them about ancestral Andean-Amazonian agriculture and gastronomy. This because we know that they allows us to maintain a food security that develops reciprocally and harmoniously with all forms of life in nature, which, at the same time, heals our bodies.
Using these technologies, we were able to transform the eucalyptus forest that once was the land of our center into a Chakra, in which we can grow and consume our own nutraceutical food (which nourishes and heals us).

Ritual Healing Music and Musical Instruments Construction

Within the  Taki Sami (ritual and healing music) was always the bridge of reunion and harmonization between the human being, the living beings of the mother earth and the deities. It is a very important part of our tradition because it is totally in communion with the rituality and upbringing of our people, and, in it, much of our wisdom is kept. Also, the use of the sounds of ancestral musical instruments, constructed with materials of nature and blessed by the Wakas (sacred places), allow us to offer physical and spiritual healing to people.


With your visit you can learn Kichwa, our native language, which is the most harmonious with our worldview. It is kind, it sounds very melodious and in it is found all the wealth that only a language that has been raised in communion with a millennial culture can save. Thus, you can help protect this beautiful language, which is being forgotten.

We are always happy to have your visit!